Services - Daycare

Why leave your dog unattended at home when you can bring him/her to us for a fun-filled day of love and play? Dogs enjoy making new friends and being entertained while you’re at work or running errands.

Socialization is important for your pet as it promotes a healthy lifestyle, develops confidence, and makes them less anxious of new experiences.  And they might just meet their new best friend!

At PawSpa, your furry family member(s) receive the unlimited attention of our experienced Vet Techs, graduates of the Veterinary Technical Institute of Pittsburgh.


We are 100% cage-free! Our 5000 sq. ft. facility has three spacious indoor-outdoor romper rooms providing ample space for free-play and socialization. We offer many activities geared to your dog’s age and size. We provide individual break rooms for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a pause to relax.

We even have a Senior Activity Area. It’s bingo at 9, poker at noon, knitting at 3; and very special, tender care all day long.


Daycare Service Price
Full Day $29
Each Additional Dog
Full Day
With any groom or bath
Full Day
Half Day $19
Each Additional Dog
Half Day
Daycare Packages Price
5 x Full Day $140 ($28/day)
10 x Full Day $270 ($27/day)
20 x Full Day $500 ($25/day)
Each Additional Dog
20 x Full Day
$340 ($17/day)