Services - Dog Boarding

Think of us as a luxury retreat for your pup(s) while you’re away.

Our boarding guests enjoy the indoor-outdoor romper rooms and all the daily activities with their Daycare friends at no extra charge!  At night your tired but happy furry family member(s) will sleep soundly in his/her own luxurious, private suite.  All guests receive a complementary bedtime snack.

Beds and blanket are provided or, if you prefer to bring your own, you’re welcome to do so.  Suites have central heating, air-conditioning and relaxing music.


While we recommend bringing the food your pet is used to eating, we can provide food if you so desire.  Does your pet require medication?  Our certified Vet Techs follow you and your veterinarian’s specific instructions for dispensing medication to your pet at no extra charge.


Dog Boarding Price
One Night $43
Each Additional Dog $31