Tails from the Cat Room

Tails from the Cat Room

Pepi the cat
Pepi is playful

As our first blog post we would like to share with everyone the family of cats staying with us at PawSpa. We are fostering them while they are awaiting adoption.

These little guys came to us as kittens rescued from a wooded area near a family member’s home. There were eight of them to start. They were only a few weeks old, basically just very shy tiny little balls of fur in the beginning. We spent a great deal of time socializing them in the quiet hours of the evening.



Three have since found forever homes, but that leaves five who still need someone to give them a chance.

If you know anyone who would give a young cat a safe, permanent home please send them our way. We’ll happily let you spend as much time with these guys as you’d like. Also stay tuned to this page for more images and video of the cats as well as other tidbits of interest from PawSpa Resort Pittsburgh.






Vinni_Angelo play with a toy
Vinni and Angelo
Enzo and Elaina
Enzo (male) and Elaina (female) check out a catnip toy
These two are really beautiful cats.
Chillin with Angelo
Chillin with Angelo
Pepi puts the paw down
Pepi is a very strong minded girl who really wants a person to call her own.